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Big Data applications are surging in the marketplace as organizations of all shapes and sizes seek to convert mountains of data into actionable intelligence.

Yesterday’s spinning storage devices, while able to support vast quantities of data, are inadequate when it comes to the performance requirements for Big Data applications. In this book, you will learn how new storage systems are designed to support exactly these needs.

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  • How recent trends have led us to the need for flash-based systems to support Big Data efforts
  • The evolution of Big Data systems and how infrastructure architecture is being reshaped for these workloads
  • Key technical characteristics behind flash storage

About the Authors

Joseph D'Antoni is a SQL Server MVP with 15 years of IT experience working with a wide variety of data platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Hadoop, and other data platforms. He has extensive experience in cloud design and architecture, as well as clustering and storage. He's a frequent speaker at major IT conferences, such as TechEd, PASS Summit, NoSQL Now, PASS Business Analytics Conference.

James writes, speaks, and consults on Enterprise IT. He has worked in the IT industry as an administrator, architect, and consultant, and has also published numerous articles, whitepapers, and books. James is a 2014 - 2016 vExpert and VCAP-DCD/DCA. Reach him on Twitter at @jdgreen.