ActualTech Media and Tegile recently teamed up to get a deeper understanding of what’s happening at the intersection of virtualization and storage. ActualTech polled over 1,000 IT professionals to learn about the top challenges they’re facing within their organization, and how they plan to use solutions like flash storage, cloud storage, and VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) to solve those challenges.

Here are some highlights of the survey’s findings…

  • Whether it’s SQL Server, Oracle, or Big Data, organizations are increasingly virtualizing their most mission-critical workloads. 
  • The desire to improve application response times drives the majority of flash storage adoption, while nearly 50% cited the desire to improve end-user satisfaction. 
  • Although all-flash storage captures the headlines, only 3% of respondents say they run all flash. Nearly two-thirds of respondents use hybrid storage systems. 
  • Just under one-quarter of flash users are using PCIe-based flash storage cards in their systems. 
  • Fibre Channel remains the protocol of choice for virtual environments, while iSCSI comes in second. 
  • 55% of respondents say they know little about VVols. Only 5% consider themselves well versed in the VMware technology. 
  • 30% of respondents use some form of cloud storage.

For more results, download the report.

State of Storage in Virtualization

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Learn how storage has become the key enabler to bigger and faster virtualization.