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Learn how storage has become the key enabler to bigger and faster virtualization.

For the second year, Western Digital has partnered with ActualTech Media to research how storage and virtualization trends track with one another and how respondents view technologies such as VMware’s VVols. With responses from more than 700 IT pros and IT leaders, you will discover the applications and storage characteristics that are important today and how respondents’ thoughts have shifted over the past year.

Key Findings

  • Virtualized instances of SQL Server continue to increase in popularity.
  • Hybrid flash storage (combination of flash and spinning disk) gains even more traction. Hybrid storage systems are now found in 55% of respondent environments.
  • Storage performance issues persist. The majority of respondents indicate that they experience storage performance challenges.
  • iSCSI now exceeds Fibre Channel in deployment popularity. 50% of respondents indicated that iSCSI is one of their protocols of choice.
  • VMware VVols continues to be panned by customers. 66% respondents feel that they have little to no knowledge of VVols.